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I’m Jennine!

Thank you for considering me in helping you find your happy home. I'm committed to ensuring that ALL of your real estate needs are not just met, but exceeded! I’ve created this guide for your convenience and I hope that it will be a valuable resource. While the entire process is outlined for you here, please know that I will be staying in constant contact with you throughout the process. Your experience will be unique and I will adjust my service according to your wants and needs. My focus is on your complete satisfaction.

Commitment is what turns a promise into a reality.

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The Process

The Process
The Process
The Process

The Process
The Process


prepare finances

It may be a good idea to sit down and write a draft household budget. By doing this, you'll get a better sense of your current monthly expenses.


find the right agent

Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases in a lifetime. It is essential to have a committed agent in your corner, always looking out for your best interest.


start shopping

Now the fun part begins. It’s time to find the perfect home. It’s a good idea to make a list of your needs and your wants so you can better focus your search. What are you must-haves? What are you willing to do without?


making an offer

Your finances are in order, your ideal neighborhoods identified — next up is finding that perfect property and making a competitive offer. More importantly, one that is accepted over other offers.


Prepare Finances

Are you financially ready to buy a home?

It may be a good idea to sit down and write a draft household budget. By doing this, you'll get a better sense of your current monthly expenses. A licensed mortgage broker or bank can also help you determine if you’re financially ready.

Lenders and brokers consider information such as:

  • your income (before taxes)
  • your expenses (including utilities and living costs)
  • the amount you’re borrowing
  • your debts
  • your credit report and score
  • the amortization period
  • Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases in a lifetime. It is essential to have a committed agent in your corner, always looking out for your best interest. A buyer agent’s fiduciary responsibility is to represent the buyer and to ensure that their interests are protected.

    After all, a seller has someone in their corner. A listing agent has an allegiance to the seller. Their goal is to get the seller top dollar for their home. There is incredible value in having someone working for YOUR best interests when buying a home.

    Hire a professional

    Find The Right Agent

    My Commitment

    It's the time you've been waiting for

    Find Your Happy Home

    Let's start shopping

    Once you've made a list of your must-haves, don't forget to think about the kind of neighborhood you want, types of schools in the area, the length of your commute to and from work, and the convenience of local shopping. Take into account your safety concerns as well as how good the rate of home appreciation is in the area.

    Make a list of the things you'll need to have in the house. Ask yourself how many bedrooms and bathrooms you'll need and get an idea of how much space you desire. How big do you want the kitchen to be? Do you need lots of closets and cabinet space? Do you need a big yard for your kids and/or pets to play in?

    Making an Offer

    You’ve found the perfect home, you have your deposit,
    and you’re ready to make an offer.

    Before we get too serious on a property, we'll be sure to review some important information:
    your income (before taxes)

  • Real Property Report: this will show property boundaries, improvements, and evidence of municipal compliance.
  • Pulling Title: this will show who owns the property, as well as any encumbrances, easements or right of ways.
  • Historical Listing Search: this will show the listing history of the property.
  • Address Search: an internet search of the address to find out if there are any stigmas associated with the property.
  • Once we've reviewed this information, it's time to make an offer!



    Condominium Document Review

    Home Inspection



    Home inspectors in Alberta need a Home Inspector’s License through Service Alberta. A home inspection is a professional opinion on the condition of a property based on a non-invasive examination of its features and components.

    The home inspector will give you a written report of their findings. This report will give you a sense of the condition for a number of major components, which typically will include electrical, heating/air conditioning, roof, and foundation.

    Before you waive your financing condition, your lender (or mortgage broker, if you’re working with one), will need documents related to the property you’re buying. They will likely need:

  • a copy of your accepted Offer to Purchase
  • the listing sheet for the property you’re purchasing
  • copy of the Real Property Report for the property (single family home/bareland condo)
  • current title for the property
  • Make sure you carefully review the mortgage commitment provided by your lender. Lenders sometimes include various conditions in such a commitment.

    Condominium documents relate to the operation of the condominium corporation. When you’re buying a condominium, you’re buying into the corporation, common property, and shared responsibilities. You want to ensure the condominium corporation is financially stable, managed well, and that the property is well maintained.

    There are licensees who will, for a fee, do this review for you, provide you with a summary of the documents, and identify areas about which you might have concern.  That review can uncover financial difficulties, unacceptable bylaws (for example, restrictions as to size, number or type of pet), or necessary maintenance. Your reviewer will discuss their findings with you

    Preparing for Possession

    The day you've been waiting for

    possession day

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    Typically, possession occurs around noon on possession day - that's when you'll get the keys! I will be there with you and we'll do a final walk through the home to check the property’s condition. We will make sure any repair work that the seller agreed to make has been done.

    We will be sure to check things like:

    • Making sure all appliances are working properly

    • Running the water in all the faucets and check for any possible leaks

    • Opening and closing garage doors with opener

    • Flushing toilets

    Once you’ve taken possession, if you find the property is not in the expected same condition or if something has been removed and should not have been, you need to call your lawyer - it will become a legal issue between you and the seller. By the time you get the keys, the money has typically transferred to the seller. I will attempt to discuss the matter with the seller’s representative, but if things aren’t fixed to your satisfaction, your only recourse is to speak to your lawyer.

    you are now a home owner

    time to make some memories