Living In Edmonton – Pros and Cons

July 5, 2021

Thinking of moving to Edmonton? A little nervous about the move? I get it! I’ve been there. Myself, I come from a small town, moved to Victoria, then to Edmonton, then to Calgary, then back to the Edmonton area in Sherwood Park. A lot? Yup! I understand the unsettling feeling of not really knowing where you’re moving to. So here’s a little insight into what it’s like living in Edmonton.

Pros of Living in Edmonton

Affordable Housing

Edmonton is a great choice if you’re looking to get more for your dollar. In comparison our housing is much more affordable than some of the other big cities in Canada. Our average home is around $345,000 compared to places like Vancouver and Toronto where it’s just over a million! Choosing a more affordable house will allow you to put more money into your life – whether that’s savings, kids, vacations, business – you’ll have extra cash for what you want.


With over 50 festivals annually, you’re sure to find one that you love! There are so many festivals, from art walks and the Fringe Theater to Taste of Edmonton and Folk Fest. There is always something going on to keep you entertained.

Easy to Navigate

Having lived in other cities, I find that Edmonton is very easy to navigate in comparison. It’s set up on a grid system to easily find an address. We have the Anthony Henday ring road that circles around the entire city making it easy and quick to get around. If there aren’t any accidents on the road, traffic flows really well.

The River Valley

The river valley cuts right through the entire city. It is the largest urban park in Canada, with more than 160 kilometres of maintained pathways and 20 major parks! So get out and explore!

Sports & Wellness Community

If you’re big into sports, you’ll love it here. Edmonton has a solid fan base for their NHL Team – The Oilers, and their CFL team – The Elks. Enjoy the hockey game from the brand-new arena – Rogers Place, or head out on game night to a local pub, and you’ll be sure to find a group that’s just as excited as you. Aside from the pros – you can get involved in activities too! Edmonton has a ton of different community recreation centers with different programs.


If you love shopping, you’re in luck! Edmonton is home to North America’s largest shopping mall – West Edmonton Mall! Maybe you’re a shopper, but your family isn’t? No big deal – there is something for everyone! The mall has its own waterpark, amusement park and theater!

Cons of Living in Edmonton

Just like anywhere else, you have to take the good with the bad. Here are a few cons of living in Edmonton.


The weather to many isn’t the most favorable. We have short summers – but hot summers, ranging usually from 20 -30 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately though that means we have long winters. Our winters can get pretty cold ranging from -10 to -30 Celsius. Winter’s not all bad though, I would encourage you to find some activities to make it better, like skiing or snowboarding at one of the local hills, skating at a community rink or even making the 4 hour day trip to Jasper or Banff to the mountains.


Once you’re in Edmonton, it won’t take long for you to notice the conditions of our roads in some areas. Because of the harsh winters, the roads tend to get more potholes than average. Watch where you’re driving – these potholes can sometimes do some damage.


If you’re coming from a place that doesn’t have mosquitoes, you’ll learn pretty quick that these are the most annoying bugs ever. They seem to be everywhere in the summer and their bites leave you really itchy. I recommend some bug spray and afterbite if you’re spending a lot of time outside.

I hope this list helps in your research. Having lived in a few different cities, I do believe Edmonton is a great balance of everything. If you have any other questions about what it’s like living in Edmonton, feel free to reach out, I’m always happy to help!