Schools in Sherwood Park

September 1, 2021

Are you a family with children and thinking of moving to Sherwood Park? There’s no doubt you’ll want to learn all about your options and which school would be best suited for your kids.

In Sherwood Park we are part of the Elk Island School Division – and within that, there’s the public division and the catholic division. There is also a smaller board for a complete French immersion experience – Conseil Scolaire Centre-Nord

Elks Island Public Schools

The Elk Island Public School Division is one of Alberta’s largest school division with 43 schools:

  • 19 in Sherwood Park
  • 5 in rural Strathcona County
  • 6 in Lamont County
  • 9 in the City of Fort Saskatchewan
  • 4 in Vegreville (County of Minburn)

The division has programs for a wide age range from early learning all the way through until highschool. It continues to show great results in comparison to the rest of Alberta. They outline a four year education plan as well so you can make sure it’s the best fit for you and your children. They also offer transportation for kindergarten all the way through to grade 12.

If you’re looking for an alternative education such as language learning, or cultural and religion, for example, Elk Island Public Schools does offer those options.

You’ll be assigned a designated school based on your neighborhood and the school’s capacity. The exception is if you choose to do an alternative education program. If you aren’t attending an alternative program but wish to go to a non-designated school, you can give the board your preference in February – this is the registration period for the following school year.

Elks Island Catholic Schools

Elk Island Catholic  Schools (EICS) is part of Alberta’s publicly-funded education system. It has 18 catholic schools throughout the division that go from kindergarten to grade 12:

  • 8 in the Hamlet of Sherwood Park
  • 2 in rural Strathcona County
  • 2 in the Town of Vegreville
  • 2 in the City of Camrose
  • 4 in the City of Fort Saskatchewan

Just like with the public system, you’ll be assigned a designated school based on your neighborhood and school’s capacity. EICS also has available transportation for the students. With EICS, you can still enjoy the benefits from alternative education like language programs, and early child learning for example.