What’s winter like in Edmonton Alberta?

February 17, 2023

One of the main questions or concerns I get from people moving to Edmonton from out of province is – what is winter really like in Edmonton? I get it, not everyone is used to our winters, and it can seem pretty intimidating – but I promise it’s not that bad.

The temperature throughout the winter can vary. We can get some pretty cold days in the -30 range, but we can also get some really mild days – like today, as I’m doing this video, it’s February and it’s +3 out. The average will be somewhere around -10. Winter usually begins in November – including snow, and will last until the end of March, and sometimes random snowfalls in September and October, as well as April – these snowfalls don’t last. It doesn’t snow all of the time either – we might get a snowstorm, but then we can go days even weeks without any snow. It can vary a lot. Our yearly snowfall average is around 50 inches for the entire season. The best way to be prepared is to have the proper clothing, like winter coats, winter boots, and for those extra chilly days you might want a couple more layers.

But what about driving? Make sure you have yourself a good set of winter tires. You will need these. Winter tires help you gain traction on the snow and ice. The city will clean the roads, but it doesn’t happen immediately. You will also want to make sure your car has a block heater. This is to help keep your engine warm before starting it. If you’re bringing your car from elsewhere – even Vancouver island for example, not all vehicles have this so you’ll likely have to get one, they come pretty standard here in our vehicles.

My best advice when it comes to winter in Edmonton – just embrace it. Get outside and enjoy some activities. You can try skiing, snowshoeing, hockey, and skating. The city also hosts several winter festivals such as the Silver Skate Festival and the Deep Freeze Festival. Or even take a trip to the mountains to either Jasper or Banff – we love to get out there and go snowboarding in the mountains.

If you have any more questions about living in Edmonton or Edmonton real estate, as always, text, call, email, whatever way – I’m always happy to help.